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NeverSea Festival uses AR face filters to boost social proof




Captures (selfies)



The Story

NeverSea Festival is the biggest summer music festival in Romanian. In a short span of just two years starting in 2017, the event managed to create its own island of entertainment in the center of an already crowded market. The event wanted to secure its massive influence in the music festival industry. Therefore, they used the latest social media technology to encourage their audience on social media to create, share, and engage with the brand before the upcoming festival.

The Solution

NeverSea Festival created 3 face filters on Instagram for their audience to engage and get creative with. Each Instagram AR filter had to incorporate NeverSea symbols and deliver a meaningful experience at the same time. It had to be fun, entertaining, give off festival vibes, and create a lot of buzz online.

The Result

By the end of the festival, these assets enriched the entire experience and increased brand awareness naturally. The filters reached the devices of over one million users with thousands having fun taking pictures or making videos. More than 2,000 account owners shared the results with their community boosting social proof.

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