Success Story

Larry Elder Art consultancy uses AVO to drive sales and reveal stories


Increase in paintings sold


Stories shared

56 Second

Average view time

The Story

Larry Elder Art consultancy assists new and experienced corporate and private art collectors. Larry started to use AVO as a way to tell the story behind his art when he wasn’t at his gallery. Over the last year, Larry has continued to bring AVO to his shows. From Charlotte, NC to NYC Larry has used AVO to help share the amazing stories behind his artwork.

The Solution

Larry was looking for a way to easily share the stories behind his art when he wasn’t able to curate the pieces himself. One of the main reasons Larry chose AVO was because of the ease of use. Campaign Manager takes care of all of the heavy lifting allowing Larry to do what he does best, tell the stories behind his beautiful art collection.

The Result

One of the best stories come from a gentleman who says a painting where he proposed to his wife. The gentleman jumped at the opportunity to hear the story behind the painting only solidifying his buying decision.

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